Wednesday, 1 October 2014

one year ago ..

.. our son was born! As Amelie would say: Jupijeeej! It was my second baby to give birth to but it was so much different and absolutely unforgettable. Simply said the third best day of my life! .... This way I would like to say massive thank you to the people being there to help, they were all amazing, especially my midwife and my dula .. and thank you to my husband, who wasnt sure what was going on but was there to give me his support and love ..

We became a family of four. At that time Amelie had no idea what was going on but took it so well. Eh, the pictures just say it ..

.. and Albert's birthday card. Had few photos left from making PL album, so came handy when making first birthday card for our son.

Happy birthday to Albert. Cannot believe the year went so fast ..

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